Board of Architecture of Trinidad and Tobago


Registered Architects 2018


An Act representing the registration of Architects and otherwise regulating the practice of Architecture.

In accordance with the Architecture Profession Act, 1992 Section 10 Sub Section (2) (d) and Section 24, please find the list of Registered Architects with the Board of Architecture of Trinidad and Tobago for 2018. If your name does not appear, please contact BoATT. 


Registered Architect

006 Mark Franco

007 Michael Bynoe

009 Terrance Wiltshire

010 Mark Raymond

011 Colvin Chen

013Lloyd de Suze

014 John Gillespie

015 Raul Poon Kong

017 Bernard Mackay

025 Charmaine Solozano-Ward

026 Jaspal Bhogal

028 Rudylynn Roberts

032 Cheryl Alleyne-Adams

033 Shirla Murray

035 Deva Sharma

036 Joseph Orme Yearwood

040 Stephen Mendes

044 Kenneth Holder

049 Scott Muiznieks

050 Gary Nobie

053 Brian Serrette

056 Jo-Ann Murrell

058 Sean H. Leonard

059 Arthur K. Bowles

060 Gerard De Four

061 Colin Basso

066 Thomas Mc Cartney

070 Damian Nunez

071 Reynold Sarjeant

072 Dion Wilson

075 Gary Turton

077 Akindele Looby

078 Darren Brathwaite

079 Gregory Salandy

082 John Ferraz

084 Monique Muiznieks

085 Johann Lambkin

086 Rawle Mitchell

087 Jenifer Smith

088 Robert Blache-Fraser

089 Ian P. Marfleet

090 Patrick D. Forbes

091christopher v. bent

092 bertrand doyle

096 Mandilee Newton

097 Timothy Newton

098 Korry Barnett


Registered Architect

099 Marlon Charles

100 Martyn Joab

101 Roger Mohammed


103 Chadrick Lim Sang

105 Alison Grosberg

106 Sharen Bidaisee

107 Gabriella Vidal

108 Paul Moses

109 Khalid Carmichael

110 Stuart Rostant

111 Peter Chandler

112 Colin Manwaring

113 Jason Leigh Scarlett

114 Deon Campbell

115 Gerren Clarke

116 Roshelle Castro

117 Ravi Ramkalawan

119 Ruana Booker

120 Sean Spencer

121 Orin Hinds

122 robert st. clair gaskin

123 StephEn Jameson

124 Caroline Yhap

126 Camille Lewis

127 Elias El Hajaly

128 Rayudesh Katwaroo

129 Rygelle Dowding

130 Robert Thompson

131 Simone Ashby

132 Helena Van Lare

133 Maria Villegas

134 Liselle Coker

135 Renate Allum

136 Akila Henry

137 Garfield Seaton

139 Ronald Ammon

140 Nikisha Powder

141 Stein Carrington

142 raymond dickson

143 kurland duke

144 stephan homer

145 andre james

146 laura narayansingh

147 ricardo newallo

148 kayode quashie

149 adam schiller


Persons requesting to view the full Register of Architects, since the passing of the Architecture Profession Act 1992 are directed to the office of the Chairman at Fernandes Business Centre, HQ 002, Eastern Main Road, Laventille between the hours of 8am & 4pm.




In Accordance with Section 16 of The Act; A person who is not a Registered Architect shall not :-

(a) Use any title or description that leads to the belief that he is a Registered Architect;

(b) Advertise himself as a Registered Architect;

(c) Act in a manner so as to create or induce the belief that he is a Registered Architect;


(d) Sign or stamp any plans, drawings, designs or specifications purporting to be acting in the capacity of such a Registered Architect.


Complaints regarding a Registered Architect will be reviewed and if necessary passed to the disciplinary committee for a response.


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