Board of Architecture of Trinidad and Tobago


The Regulators of Architecture in Trinidad and Tobago


The Board of Architecture of Trinidad and Tobago (BoATT) is the statutory body established by Parliament under the Architecture Act 1992 to regulate the Architecture profession in Trinidad and Tobago in the public interest. 


The Act requires the Board of Architecture of Trinidad and Tobago (among other things) to:

  • Maintain the Register of Architects (Section 10 Sub Section (2)(a))

  • Prescribe qualifications for entry to the Register of Architects (Section 17 Sub Section (3))

  • Deal with competence to practice (Section 8 Sub Section (b))

  • Issue a Code which lays down standards of professional conduct and practice (Section 21)

  • Regulate use of the title “Registered Architect” and prosecute those who use it unlawfully (Section 16 & 26)




Board of Architecture of Trinidad and Tobago

19 Stanmore Avenue, Port of Spain


1 (868) 627-0352

➤ Members of the Board

Gary Turton MTTIA, Registered Architect #75 (Chairman)

Dion Wilson MTTIA, Registered Architect #72  (Registrar/Secretary)

Jaspal Bhogal MTTIA, Registered Architect #26 

Colvin Chen MTTIA, Registered Architect #11

Shirla Murray MTTIA, Registered Architect #33  (Public Officer)

Keith Thomas (Public Interest)




The Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects (TTIA) which evolved from the Trinidad and Tobago Society of Architects (TTSA), was formed 64 years ago on December 20th 1954. The Society became an Institute in 1981 and currently boasts a membership of over one hundred Full, Honorary, Graduate, Student and Overseas members. The Architecture Profession Act was lobbied for by members of the TTIA to ensure that the public was protected by ensuring that those delivering architectural services had the qualifications and experience to do so. The Act became legislation in 1992 allowing for the formation of the Board of Architecture of Trinidad and Tobago and the registration of Architects and the regulation of the practice of Architecture in Trinidad and Tobago. To date, 26 years later, 149 Architects have been added to the register.

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BoATT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Application forms along with copies of supporting relevant documents are to be submitted to 19 Stanmore Avenue, or via email to Please note that for processing purposes, you will be contacted to show original documents.